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Technical and architectural overview

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The Microsoft OpenXmlViewer Xtensions project consists of the development of a browser plugin that is cross browser and cross platform, which will render OpenXML Word documents (docx) in html.

This is the technical basis for pilot phase of the OpenXml Viewer Xtensions project. This document covers the following topics:
  • Architectural Considerations
  • Logical Architecture.

Architectural Considerations

Technology Considerations
The Microsoft OpenXml Viewer is a cross browser cross OS plugin. The core of the application has to be OS independent. Therefore, the application is developed using C++.

Future possibilities
The generated html from the docx file can be rendered using silverlight and similar rich platforms. The same can be used in a server scenario to render docx files as html.

Tool Considerations

The list of language and tools used is given below:

# Tool/Technology Usage
1 C++ Core technology platform
2 Xalan (c++) XSLT Processing
3 Xerces (c++) XML Processing
4 zlib Docx (zip) file decompressing
5 Firefox Plugin extensions

Logical Architecture

logical arch.JPG

Application Interface

This layer provides the user interface for the application.
  • Browser plugin interface - The browser plug-in interface (specific interfaces for different brows-ers) will allow the document transformation framework to be leveraged across different browsers.
  • OS/File system interface – This interface will be a command-line based interface for opening docx files from the file system. Docx files will be registered against this interface. The application will render the docx files in html.

Transformation Service

The Transformation Service is the core of the application. Along with the XSLT transform, this service will convert the input docx file(s) into html.

The bulk of the conversion of XML to HTML will be done using XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations)

Framework Helpers

The Framework Helpers are 3rd party components that provide the following functionality.
  • Xalan – This framework provides XSLT transformation capabilities to the Transformation Service
  • Xerces – This framework provides XML support for working with the docx files and other xml files.
  • zlib – Docx is a zip compressed file as specified by Open Packaging Conventions (OPC). Zlib li-brary will be made use of to uncompress the zip package.


The utilities provide supporting functionality such as:
  • File system access
  • Logging
  • Conversion of VML to SVG
  • XML Helper methods

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